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The gives some news about hunting and wildlife and also presents hunting associations and deer-parks.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to give some easy and fast access information about Hungarian hunting opportunities, prices, and games, and to connect the hunters with the hunting associations and deer-parks either online or by phone.

How the site works.

The registrated hunting associations and deer-parks via a user-friendly administrative interface can create (and modify) a profile (which includes address, description, pictures, videos, prices) while the hunters can easily browse these data according to their priorities (like region, hunting association, game species, prices). After that the hunters can contact the chosen company by phone or via our online application form.

The online applications and reservations are automatically forwarded to the e-mail address of the hunting association or deer-park.

The site immediately contacts the parties so they can discuss the terms of the future hunting directy with each other. This includes the monetary affairs too, the does not claim any brokerage.

Why become a Partner?

The Vadászvilág Bt. organizes a wide-ranging advertising campaign for Hungarian and foreign hunters to acquaint them with the registrated hunting associations and deer-parks, this way promoting the Hungarian hunting opportunities and increase the income of our partners.

How much does it cost to become a partner?

We have several opportinites for our partners according to their company's size and game species so they can choose the most suitable package for themselves.

How to become a partner?

By using the form below you can give us your contacts and we will contact you to consult the details of your registration.

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